Protection for Ears – Newest Technology


I carry earplugs in each purse I own. I have some in my pockets. Why?  The noise level in current normal situations is too much for me.

Have you attended Church Worship sessions recently? I wear earplugs and still participate in Worship.

Attended a Business Conference? I wear earplugs. The companies somehow believe they must crank the music up to a roar. Networking is impossible.

A Women’s event for ‘mustering out’ veterans music. My earplugs were essential. The music was current or oldies but loader than I had ever experienced it. I even danced with the ladies on the front stage; but, I had my earplugs in.

This technology is so superior to the cheap foam ones I wear. Mine are soft rubber-like substance that I twist until it is a cone shape. Inserted in my ears it protects me from the load noises but lets me hear the speakers and a neighbor speaking to me.

ISOLATE® by Flare Audio is a new approach:

It is designed to blocks noise. So we do not hear it at all. Now, this does not work for me to block some and hear some; but, oh, my how wonderful to block the damaging noises when it is not useful to you.

So, if you are subjected even to load obnoxious bass frequencies, they are blocked.

No batteries

No re-charging

These are considered micro in size; may be used in all situations to protect from uninvited noise.

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