New to Instant Pot

Flowering Basil

Slow?  Yes.  I am a technocrat for sure but slow to ‘jump on bandwagons of gimmicks’.  That being said, I just did. I purchased an Instant Pot. (Yes, the brand name one).

I have been successfully making several dishes such as yummy Clam Chowder. So easy, so delicious and love sharing.

So… venturing out, I was going to make Lasagna. I found I did not have the accessories required.  Who knew?

I do now!  Amazon has them ALL.

This is the Instant Pot I have. However, look around and read the reviews. You may choose a different model. Once you are on the site, with this click, you can search all. The next one up will even bake a cake.  I was interested in one that did Yogurt.

If you already have your Instant Pot, continue to the next page for my choices in Accessories for now!

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