Lemon Cubes – Add to Your Morning Drink

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I make a protein drink every morning. Having said that, mine is unlike anything you likely have ever experienced. LOL

Not to move ahead too quickly – here is one favorite suggestion for using the all important and beneficial lemon in your drink. I make frozen cubes from JUST LEMONS!

Perfect Trays - EASY
Perfect Trays – EASY

First: I buy a bag of lemons at Costco – the price is remarkably lower than purchasing individually at super markets. (However, these are NOT organic – I thoroughly wash them using white vinegar water).

2nd: I cut them in 3rds and remove the seeds.

3rd: I place them in the tall Vita-mix container. When it is full, I add a little purified water (it does not take too much as the lemons are juicy providing liquid as well). Here is where you would add sweetner if desired. I do not use sweetner, but if I wanted some I would use Truvia. Using the normal technique with my Vita-mix, I start with all selections on slow; turn the dial to full power; switch the toggle to high. The process is quick. Do not pulse longer than necessary as the Vita-mix is designed to heat with sustained revolutions.

4th: The FUN part – I pour the “liquid” into my new flexible rectangle ice cube trays. These trays are amazing. Once frozen, you simply push the bottom of each rectangle and they pop out. I place the container over a Zip-Lock Gallon bag and they drop in! How cool is that. (IF you are a little sloppy in preparing your ice cube trays – like me – some lemon may sit on the edges of the individual cubes. No worries. After they are frozen these pieces are just smaller in your bag – still very usable in your drinks.

Sloppy - But - Tasty
Sloppy – But – Tasty

If you have trouble pushing the cubes out – usually due to the sloppiness around the cube opening – LOL – just run the cube tray upside down (the push and color side is up) under warm water for a few minutes. They will pop right out.

Happy Cube Making!

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