Keys – CONTROL – Convienent

How many carry keys for several buildings plus our car?

Car doors are becoming smart – start the car while still in the warm house, door open when we arrive. But…

Others of us, still use a key in the car door. I certainly use a key for the front door, the garage back door, the vacation cabin in AZ, the bike lock and the key for the quad!

I also have a key for my two daughter’s houses and the garage storage unit. WOW.  But…. there is a really cool solution now that doubles as a computer “jump drive”. A USB stick. An external storage device that you have “on the go”.

To watch the

VIDEO from manufacturer

This is a perfect stocking stuffer, Christmas Party gift or an organizer for all your family members! At <$20, it is Perfect.

Please click here to go directly to Amazon for your purchase, quick checkout and fast delivery. This represents one color – there are several varieties.