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Fresh in - Tasty Out
Fresh in – Tasty Out

Induction Cooking – A favorite for me about 3 years ago.
I own Kitchen Craft cookware purchased over 25 years ago. It is water-less cookware which means food is NOT boiled but cooked at lower temperatures retaining all the nutrients and flavor. A stew cooked in my pan provides a sensational palate experience.

The carrots taste like sweet carrots. I can specify any vegetable in the stew and it is recognizable at each bite. A joy to cook and eat.

When I spoke with the company 3-years ago, I was looking for a specific pan to add to my collection. He shared the new method of cooking – induction.

I purchased my new pan, designed for the induction cooking surface, and an induction appliance. I chose the single pan counter top model.

Today, we have a built in induction cooking surface in our motor home. Such a marvelous upgrade from the old propane stoves. Induction is less costly to operate, safer and does not require venting.

Any size pan may be used on the cooker as long as it fits within the final ring on the surface. This feature makes it perfect for the motor home. Cooking for one requires the small pan but sometimes I have company! The cooking is even and quick. The unit is programmable for long cooking at a specific temperature and when a temperature is set, that temperature is the actual one. When the temperature is changed, up or down, it is immediately changed. Similar to a gas range in the down side. Turn off the gas or induction power source and the surface cools immediately.

I have listed the cook top here for easy shopping. Amazon is a good place to purchase. Thanks for listening.

Carry on - We are happy!
Carry on – We are happy!

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