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Welcome to my personal review site. I only place items here that I can ‘stand behind’.

Each item is a result of my personal use or a trusted friend and colleague. We are excited to bring you the latest or the Best in Books, Travel, Fitness and Personal Care. In some cases, we are an independent associate for the company and will tell you how you can also purchase wholesale. In other cases, we may be an independent affiliate and receive a small commission for our recommendations if you purchase. Either way, this is NOT about money but about bringing TRUTH to Shopping.

I personally really do not appreciate false claims or scams. I am very sensitive to what I lovingly call Injustice. I have been in business for many years (over 40) – I am an entrepreneur  LOL – and have been privileged to work with some really experienced and special people. I have also, mostly in the rental business, come across persons that believe ‘we all owe them something. – they are entitled. Being in court is not a fun place for me. I always win but it is not worth the struggle. But… back to injustices: I do not tolerate them well at all.

On to more pleasant things. The book reviews will be slow as I must recount my experience and the gist of the book contents without ruining it for you. I get so excited sharing that I sometimes give away the theme.

The most frequent posts will be products we enjoy and are available from Amazon. Amazon is responsive and priced well. They stand behind their product sales and handle all customer interactions. This is a benefit to both you and me. They have relationships with the suppliers.

My biggest product review will be for Wealthy Affiliates. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing company. They only have one product but it is wrapped in months of excellent training, years of combined experience from the community, a well established and embraced

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‘pay it forward’ program and the best commission schedule in the affiliate industry.

And finally the company that is a leader in Non-GMO, Organic, hand-harvested Aloe, completes double blind scientific studies in their own laboratories – all products are human DNA verified for excellence, is published in Medical journals, holds patents in major alternative health breakthroughs (such as teaching our bodies to burn FAT for fuel) and develops and manufactures products – each designed and performs in the life giving repair and building of our body at the cellular level. This company is Univera.

I have placed some links to the Best Selling Books by Chief Scientific Officer Stephen Cherniske. Each of these books is backed with solid science – no hype – years of experience and the last book “The Metabolic Makeover – It’s All About Energy” is co-authored with his double board certified wife Natalie Kather, MD.


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