Accessories for Instant Pot

Here we are. Accessorizing our Instant Pot Cooking!

For Lasagna:

CorningWare French White 1-1/2-Quart Covered Round Dish with Glass Top by CorningWare

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Steam Rack by Instant Pot

Assortment to cover Lasagna, Veggie Steaming, Casseroles, etc. I love having the choices now. With spices all on hand, the work is reduced to a little cutting and I have all the tools.

Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans with Sling for Instant Pot Accessories 6/8 qt – Pot in Pot, Baking, Casseroles, Lasagna Pans, Food Steamer, Upgrade Interchangeable Lids

Yogurt making is a dream. Add your own choices for thick, thin, sweet, flavored……  Best Yogurt and reduced cost.  FRESH.

Genuine Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Cups by Instant Pot Company

Click here to move to a page for other accessories like absorbent kitchen towels (protect when releasing steam), thermometer (safe cooking)….

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