Cooking with the BEST – Restaurant Supply for YOU

Have you ever been in a Restaurant Supply Store?  

Now you can.  I love shopping in an environment that caters to the right equipment for cooking and baking, the perfect serving container, the tools and the consumables we do not see readily in grocery stores.

I have shopped in both new and used equipment restaurant supply stores and found ‘deals’ in both. NOW, there is a personalized online place Tundra Restaurant Supply – offering variety to shop in the comfort of your home – AND… still have access to the unique, clever, tools the experienced chefs and servers are accustomed to using.

Add JOY each Day
Add JOY each Day

Tundra offers advise as well as a full complement of necessary and desirable cooking items. Here is one I found to be Truthful, Facts and Humorous. “SERVING: COMMON WRONG-WAYS OF DOING COMMON THINGS”

Please enjoy browsing, purchasing and using these daily -special items for you gastronomical enjoyment.

As always, please offer your comments. I appreciate your trust and insight.

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