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I am a fan of Dolly Parton Childhood inspired movies.

In 2015 I enjoyed the television showing of “A Coat of Many Colors” It was well done and presented her childhood in the early 1950’s in a rural town. She was and is a determined spunky talented artist with a business mind.

The movie shows bullying, love, trust and family in a truthful way that emulates families today in many ways. They did not have a lot of material items, worked hard and were neighborly.

I highly recommend the movie for ownership for repeat showings.

Sequel presented on television in December 2016

In 2016 I found and recorded the sequel to “Coat of Many Colors” with is “Circle of Love”. It follows Dolly’s whole family again with a strong emphasis on her early childhood goal and dream of being a star. She has certainly followed through on her dream and is an icon in the industry. But… she has NEVER deviated from her first love: Father God.

I am thrilled to be able to share her movie access with you via my relationship with Amazon as an Affiliate. I do hope you purchase both movies and more if you desire.

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